MECAFI and special processes

Special processes


Since 2012, Mecafi opens a center of last generation dedicated to special processes :

  • Surface treatement
  • Particle decontamination
  • Ceramic shot peening
  • Digital radiography
  • Fluorescent penetrant testing
  • Industral paint application
  • Electron bean welding
  • Heat treatment


  • Fluorescent penetrant testing (automated line)
  • Chromium conversion
  • Anodic oxidation (automated line)
  • Pre-stressing ceramic shot peening
  • Adhesion
  • Paintwork
  • Integration (including clamping, adhesion and riveting)
  • Particulate decontamination
  • Salt spray testing
  • Numerical Radiography
  • Electron Bean Welding

Technical resources

  • Latest-generation equipment
  • Various automated processes
  • Automatic dye penetration testing line with 3 UV inspection booths
  • Pre-stressing ceramic shot peening machine
  • Manual stripping and chromium conversion line
  • Automated anodising line
  • Special parts decontamination bench
  • Salt spray facility
  • Automated liquid nitrogen ring assembly unit
  • Complete assembly and integration workshop


  • MECAFI – Idea (France) for prismatic parts and high size dimension parts
  • MECAFI Eolia (France) for blade parts


Plateforme CFM56-7

Platform CFM56-7

Couvercles ETRAS A380

Lids ETRAS A380

Aube OGV -7

OGV blade CFM56-7

Couvercles CFM56-7

Lids CFM56-7

Couvercles CFM56

Lids CFM56