In its pursuit of client satisfaction, the Group adopts a meticulous approach to its work, undertaking constant efforts to improve the quality of the products it manufactures and meet deadlines.


Mecafi has been AFNOR-certified since 1994 in line with two standards:

ISO9001_-MECAFI_logo_AFNOR ISO 9001 : Quality management systems (all sectors)
EN9100_-MECAFI_logo_AFNOR EN/AS/JISQ 9100 : Quality management systems (aerospace sector)


  • Dye penetrant NDT: Certification obtained in 2014

Mecafi is also working towards certification under the FAR Part 145 regulation, to enable it to offer part repair expertise.


    • SAFRAN: Dye penetrant non-destructive testing, sensitivities S2 S3 S4
    • SAFRAN Aircraft Enginse: Numerical Radiography non-destructive testing
    • SAFRAN : Structural adhesion DMP8000
    • SAFRAN Transmission Systems: Non-structural adhesion ST 1039
    • SAFRAN Helicopter Engines: Cap and jet adhesion
    • THALES: Chromium conversion (chromating)
    • SAFRAN: Chromic conversion
    • SAFRAN Helicopter Engines : Chromium conversion (buffer touch-up)
    • SAFRAN : Deep cleaning with particle counting
    • SAFRAN Aircraft Engines: Ceramic shot peening in line with DMP 28
    • SAFRAN : Anodic oxidation in phosphoric acid
    • SAFRAN: Anodic oxidation in sulphuric acid
    • SAFRAN Aircraft Engines: Paintwork in line with DMP 16-045 and DMP28
    • SAFRAN Aircraft Engines: Anti-corrosion paintwork
    • SAFRAN Helicopter Engines: Application of graphite coating lubricating film
    • SAFRAN Helicopter Engines: Sanding
    • SAFRAN Aircraft Enginse: Electron Bean Welding